Godsmack Drummer Says 'Stars Aligned' For Tour With Volbeat

Godsmack will embark on a headlining North American tour later this month with Volbeat, and drummer Shannon Larkin told Twin Cities Media how the pairing came about, saying, "Well, first of all, we think they're great. They write great songs and they sound unique. Second, their tour manager has been friends with our tour manager for a few years. While over in Europe, our tour manager got to talking with theirs and said, 'Hey, maybe we can make something happen.'"

He added, "The stars just aligned. We made the calls. They were into it, we were into it. We figure it would be a scratch-my-back-scratch-your-back kind of thing since we're bigger than them in America and they're bigger than us in Europe. So we figured we'll take them out in America and go out with them in Europe."

Godsmack frontman Sully Erna told us that playing live is his favorite part of being in a band: "I mean, the band just likes playing. You know, that's really the reward. The writing and the recording process is so tedious. The real reward happens when we play live. Whether it be a radio festival, our own tour, special events kind of thing, I think that's what the band looks forward to the most, is just being able to get onstage and play for the people."

Godsmack's tour with Volbeat will kick off in Nashville on April 16th and will end on May 6th in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Eleven of the dates will take place in Canada, with Volbeat co-headlining for most of the Canadian shows.