Halsey Announces Two Intimate Shows In NYC And Cryptic 'Nightmare' Project

Following her stunning Billboard Music Awards performance with BTS, it appears as though Halsey may be changing gears. After the awards show, Wednesday, the artist started blacking out her Instagram and Twitter.

The singer has blacked out everything on her social media accounts, except for a new message announcing two intimate shows at New York City’s Webster Hall. On May 8th, Halsey will perform her entire debut album Badlands at the recently-revamped venue. The next night, she’ll perform her latest album hopeless fountain kingdom.

Tickets go on sale today at a very specific time: 5:17 p.m. ET.

Halsey’s Twitter bio, meanwhile, now links to a website titled Nightma.re. The site asks fans to submit the worst nightmare they’ve ever had in order to "learn more about its meaning." The site is affiliated with Halsey and her record label, Capitol Records, though it’s purpose is not yet clear.