Halsey Says Her New Music Features 'A Hint Of Bubblegum'


Halsey is warning fans to expect the unexpected on her new album.

"So many of the new songs are special little babies to me. they are all so different," she tweeted on Wednesday. "Truly the best and most concise songwriting that has ever come out of me. just wanted to tell you that."

"I usually favor the darkest of the dark songs on the record," she continues, "but my favorite song right now actually has a hint of bubblegum. It's amazing how all these genres appear on the album but it still somehow manages to sound authentically and earnestly like *me*."

She ended her Twitter thread by announcing: "Whatever you're expecting it to be, it's not gonna be that. no matter how smart / on-to-me you think u are ;)."

Since Halsey released her second album hopeless fountain kingdom, she's put out several singles, including the smash hits "Without Me" and "Eastside" – the latter featuring Khalid and Benny Blanco – as well as "Nightmare." She's also been featured on the BTS single "Boy with Luv," and the song "11 Minutes" with her reported boyfriend Yungblud plus Travis Barker.

Meanwhile, Halsey has took to social media to share a photo of a new tattoo – on her kneecap.

The tattoo is an image of two band-aids over her knee, along with the words "POOR THING" and several broken hearts. Halsey shared the photo to her Instagram, captioning it "crispie freshie," and she tweeted about the tattoo as well, writing, "Got my whole kneecap tattooed, so now I'm officially not afraid of anything."