Halsey Takes Over 'SNL'

Halsey hosted her first-ever episode of Saturday Night Live on Saturday. The 24-year-old singer was also the musical guest of the evening, and performed "Eastside" and "Without Me."

She also starred in almost every skit including "Riverdale," a spoof of the hit series centering around filming the dramatic season finale, which keeps getting interrupted by a noisy corpse, played by Pete Davidson.

Halsey kicked things off with her monologue, telling the audience that she grew up not too far from New York, over the river in New Jersey. She graduated from Warren Hills Regional High School in Washington. She also explained who she was:

"My name is Halsey, which, fun fact, is actually short for Halsey and Oates-y. So if you’re like ‘oh woozy" where do I know her from?’ basically, whenever you scream at your angst-y daughter to turn down that music - I’m that music.

She also poked fun at her Jersey roots:

"If I don’t seem like I’m from New Jersey, I just want you to know that my real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. I bet everybody at home watching right now is like, ‘Ashley’s on the TV, you remember Ashley, the singer.’ Nice girl. Not for my son, but good for her’." she said, whipping out a thick accent.

She also fangirled-out – and made an excellent point about the women of SNL:

"When I was a kid, I was absolutely obsessed with SNL; I watched it every week. I especially admired the women on this show. They never cared what they looked like, what they sounded like, or what anybody thought of them – they were just funny."

She also appeared in a sketch that parodied the recent blackface scandals in Virginia, and impersonated Rep. Rashida Tlaib in "Women of Congress," a Charlie’s Angels spoof featuring the women of Congress reacting to a message from Donald Trump.

During Halsey’s first musical performance, she played her hit single "Without Me." The wall behind her as she performed was seemingly scrawled with the transgressions of one of her past loves.

"Ashley, I cheated … in Minneapolis … New Orleans … at home in Los Angeles," the wall read. It was pretty clear she was sending a message. Halsey still has some bad blood with her most recent ex, G-Eazy, so fans were quick to speculate that her performance had something to do with the rapper. Halsey and G, a.k.a. Gerald Gillum, called it quits in October 2018 after a year of dating.