Hip Hop Beats: A$AP Rocky, Lil Durk & Young Thug!


A$AP ROCKY AND CREW FIGHT MAN IN SWEDEN: A video has surfaced the net via TMZ of A$AP Rocky and his crew allegedly fighting a man in the street while in Stockholm, Sweden. The brawl reportedly stemmed from an argument Rocky had with two men at a restaurant. The video then cuts to Rocky and his crew allegedly began beating up one of the men and tossed him to the curb. The two men in question, who have not been identified, kept following the rapper and threaten to call the police, claiming that he broke a pair of headphones. Also, a woman allegedly interrupted Rocky’s conversation with the men and accused one of the men of inappropriately touching her without her consent, which is what supposedly prompted Rocky to begin attacking the man. Rocky and his crew left the scene, leaving the man on the side of the road.

JUDGE DENIES LIL DURK’S REQUEST TO LIFT TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS: Lil Durk has been released on bail following his arrest in connection with an Atlanta shooting. However, one of the terms of his bail is that he remain in his home between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. According to Complex via TMZ, Durk has requested a lift to his curfew when traveling outside of Atlanta. During a hearing held on Monday (July 1st), Durk explained that the court restrictions are hindering his career. However, a judge still denied his request. Durk is allowed to request permission to leave Atlanta, but he must still be regulated to the 11 p.m. - 7 a.m. curfew.

ELTON JOHN TALKS MEETING YOUNG THUG: Elton John has opened up about meeting Young Thug. According to Complex, when asked what it was like meeting the Atlanta rapper, Elton John said, "I love that song ‘Memo’ and I love him. He sampled ‘Rocketman’ on his track ‘High,’ which I thought was a fabulous compliment. I met him in Atlanta because he heard we had played one of his tracks on the Rocket Hour. It was a really nice meeting but I didn’t know what to call him, Thug? Mr Thug? Sir Thug? I could see the headline in the paper: Queen meets Thug. But anyway, it was a really nice meeting and I loved him. I left feeling full of energy as I do when I meet great new artists. He’s a really talented guy. I'd love to hear him sing more, and I said this to him when we met. He's got a great voice."