Hip Hop Beats: Diddy & Tyga!


DIDDY TEASES RETURN OF ‘MAKING THE BAND’: Diddy has teased the return of the MTV series, Making the Band. He said in a video uploaded to social media, "Should I do Making The Band again? If y’all want me to bring it back, leave a comment with #IWantMyMTB." MTV replied to Diddy and said, "We seriously need @diddy to bring back Making the Band!!" He then asked MTV, "Do you guys have a big enough bag?"

TYGA PAYS TRIBUTE TO LIL WAYNE: Tyga paid tribute to Lil Wayne in the video for his new record, "Lightskin Lil Wayne." The video kicks off with "A Tribute to the GOAT," before Tyga recreates Weezy’s "A Milli" video. He also recreates scenes from Wayne’s other videos including "Fireman," "Go DJ," "Lollipop" and "Hustler Musik / Money On My Mind."