Hip Hop Beats: DJ Khaled, Nipsey Hussle & 50 Cent!

REPORT: DJ KHALED THROWS ‘TANTRUM’ AFTER ALBUM DEBUTS AT NO. 2: Page Six has reported that DJ Khaled was not pleased with the sales for his latest album, Father of Asahd. Sources said that Khaled is "fuming" at his label, Epic Records, after the album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. The source said that "he stormed into Epic with an entourage." After Khaled received projections that he will be landing at the No. 2 spot on the chart, "he was angry and yelling" and reportedly threw a "temper tantrum." The insider went on to say, "There was some nasty stuff said. Publicly, he’s all about ‘positivity,’ but there is a mean side to him that people don’t see. He overhyped the record and blew it up as his biggest album ever." Khaled reportedly blamed his label for not understanding streaming services and bundle deals. He also claims that an estimated 100,000 downloads of his album were sold through a bundle deal with energy supplements that weren’t included in his sales by Billboard. An insider added, "Khaled was upset that his label wasn’t fighting for him and fighting for those numbers to count, which could have propelled him to No. 1. They don’t get it." Tyler, the Creator took the No. 1 spot with his album IGOR.

NIPSEY HUSSLE TRIAL DOCUMENTS WILL STAY SEALED: A judge has decided that the grand jury transcripts in Nipsey Hussle’s murder case will remain sealed, for now. According to The Grio, Superior Court Judge Robert J. Perry ordered that the documents, which would show the prosecutor’s evidence against Eric Holder — the man accused of killing Nipsey, will remain sealed for at least three more weeks while Holder’s lawyer expands her argument that they should be kept secret in the interest of a fair trial. Perry said that unsealing the transcripts could interfere with public safety. Judge Perry already denied a motion from the L.A. Times that, if approved, the transcripts would be open to the public. The publication argued that the general public has a right to know what is going on with the trial. If Judge Perry would have granted the motion, the transcripts would have been available on May 31st.

ASPIRING RAPPER APPROACHES 50 CENT WHILE ON A DATE: 50 Cent was on a movie date with Black Ink Crew: Chicago star, Nikki Nicole, when he was approached by an aspiring rapper who asked 50 to take a look at his Instagram. In the video, the rapper is speaking to 50, who starts walk away. It appears that the guy said something that 50 did not like and turned to walk towards him. The aspiring rapper is heard saying, "You gonna hit me cause I’m telling you I got talent? Is that how you feel? That’s f**ked up. Look at my IG, at least." 50 replied and said, "Are you crazy, though? Your s**t is not gonna work. You are stupid. The way you are approaching it is wrong … There is nothing to play right now … There is nothing you can show me right now that is gonna help you." The guy tried to explain that he wanted 50 to take a look at his IG, to which 50 replied, "Look at my IG is gonna help you right now?"