Hip Hop Beats: Ja Rule, Spinderella, Salt-n-Pepa & More!


JA RULE CLEARED IN ‘FYRE FESTIVAL’ FRAUD LAWSUIT: A judge has cleared Ja Rule in the Frye Festival fraud lawsuit. According to VIBE via the New York Daily News, Ja and Fyre Festival chief marketing officer, Grant Margolin, were accused in the lawsuit of organize and promoting the event, while knowing that it was a scam. However, Southern District Judge of New York, Judge Kevin Castel, didn’t feel that the rapper knew the festival was a "scam." Judge Castel wrote in a 32-page decision, "(Ja Rule) and Margolin were participants in organizing or promoting a large-scale event. There is no assertion that the Festival when first conceived or introduced to the public was intended not to go forward or that defendants intended not to perform by organizing the advertised amenities and accommodation." Ja’s attorney, Ryan Smith, said about the ruling, "Mr. Atkins is thankful for today’s ruling and for the Court’s time and attention. Justice was done today."

DJ SPINDERELLA REPORTEDLY SUING SALT-N-PEPA: VIBE has reported that DJ Spinderella is reportedly suing Salt-N-Pepa. Spin claims that she was promised one-third of the royalties earned with Salt-N-Pepa’s 1999 Best Of album, but never received it. She also says she got cheated when the duo excluded her from a VH1 TV show based on the group’s rise to stardom. In the lawsuit, Spin said that she was promised one-third of the group’s fee for the show, and although she has an occasion guest spot, she received far less than one-third. Spin added that she was not compensated for their performance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. She said that the group made more than $600,000 in royalties in the last 10 years, but wasn’t not paid the same as Salt or Pepa. Spinderella is suing for trademark infringement, fraud and breach of contract.

BHAD BHABIE SIGNS PUBLISHING DEAL: Rapper Bhad Bhabie has signed a publishing deal with $1 million. According to Billboard, the deal was signed with Pulse Music Group and will cover all past and future songs, such as "Hi Bich" and her record "Bestie," with Kodak Black. Bhad Bhabie will receive a $325,000 advance and the remainder will be paid in installments of $325,000 as she pays back her advance. The deal reportedly gives her about 70 percent of future record sales, licensing fees and digital streaming royalties. The $1 million is meant to act as an advance on the 30 percent that the BMI subsidiary will get on all of her music.