Hip Hop Beats: Jay Z, Meek Mill, Drake & More!


JAY Z TEAMS UP WITH WILL SMITH FOR NEW SERIES ABOUT WOMEN INCIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT: Jay Z has teamed up with Will Smith for an upcoming ABC series about women who contributed to the Civil Rights movement. The working title of the series is Women of the Movement and it will be produced by Jay-Z, and Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith under the Roc Nation brand and Smith and James Lassiter under Overbrook Entertainment. The series is also written by Marissa Jo Cerar, known for her work with The Handmaid's Tale. The first episode will be based on Deverey S. Anderson's book Emmitt Till: The Murder That Shocked the World and Propelled the Civil Rights Movement. The episode will focus on Till's mother, Mamie Till.

DRAKE BRINGS OUT CARDI B AT OVO FEST...IS THIS A SHOT AT NICKI?: Drake bought out Cardi B at OVO Fest and it has people wondering if this was a stab at Nicki Minaj. During her introduction, he said, "I feel like there's just one girl that's been going a little harder…it's only right that I exit the stage, and leave you in the company of grace and greatness. Enjoy." Cardi later thanked Drake on Instagram, writing, "Thank you @Drake for bringing me out at OVO fest !shit was fire emojis.You see I would do a CardiO fest in The Bronx but ya can't even behave in Bity Island." It has been rumored that Drake and Nicki have been beefing since they unfollowed each other on Instagram last year.

MEEK MILL FACES NEW JUDGE IN GUN CASE: Meek Mill faced a new judge yesterday morning (August 6th) when he walked into the Philadelphia courthouse. According to TMZ, Judge Leon Tucker has replaced Judge Genece Brinkley for the rapper's retrial for his 2008 gun conviction. Yesterday's hearing was a brief bail hearing. Meek was released on his own recognizance, and Judge Tucker said both sides will return August 27th for a status hearing. At that point, they'll figure out whether to go to trial or just drop the case. The site reported that it is highly unlikely prosecutors will refile the case and retry the rapper. His attorney Joe Tacopina said, "While we had hoped that this matter would end today, we remain confident that justice will prevail in Meek's case once and for all."

50 CENT SAYS FUTURE TOOK ALL OF BOW WOW'S WOMEN: Trey Songz and Bow Wow had a lot to say about 50 Cent after he posted a photo of himself shirtless in a bathtub -- but the hip hop mogul got the last laugh. Trey Songz wrote to 50, "Damn 5, gon make a ni**a block you mane." 50 responded, "No @treysongz you can't have all the b*tches fool." Bow Wow also responded by posting the crying laughing emoji. 50 responded, "hey @treysongz don't be bringing this ni**a to the party's man. this lil ni**a crazy, playing wit the money." He added,"you ain't got no b*tches lil ni**a @future took all of them. 😆LMAO." Bow Wow responded, "Hahahahaha im out! Hahaha."

WALE SAYS HE IS ONE OF THE GREATEST RAPPERS OF ALL TIME: After The Brew Podcast went viral with their Top 50 Rappers of All Time. Wale responded to the list, saying, "I'm one of the greatest rappers of all time . There I said it…" When one fan laughed at his comment, Wale responded, "I come on the twitter and do the sarcasm self loathing bit… but if we bein honest … I just said one of because I'm not tryna start a riot .. I know where I'm at.. and they do to… this pen work… ‘for myself and others.'" Bun B also co-signed Wale's statement, saying, "I've known you since Nike Boots. Your attention to detail separates you from the majority of MCs. A lot of your bars really go over most people's heads. Therefore I second this statement."