Hip Hop Beats: Kanye West, Pusha T, Lil Xan & More!

KANYE WEST AND PUSHA-T SUED OVER UNAUTHORIZED SAMPLE ON ‘DAYTONA’: Kanye West and Pusha-T are currently facing a lawsuit over an unauthorized sample featured on Pusha’s Daytona album. According to Complex via The Times Daily, ‘Ye and Pusha are accused of using an unauthorized sample on "Come Back Baby." FAME Enterprises Inc. filed a lawsuit against them two weeks ago in the Circuit Court of Colbert County, Alabama, claiming that "Come Back Baby" features part of George Jackson's 1972 record "I Can't Do Without You," which FAME produced and owns. The complaint says that Pusha’s song "includes the following repeated, unauthorized, unlicensed samples from 'I Can’t Do Without You'": Never have I been locked up in a world of misery / I need you darlin' to set me free / Come back, baby, try me one more time / Ooh, baby, I'm 'bout to go out of my mind / I can’t—." FAME also claims that over 35 percent of "Come Back Baby" includes unauthorized, unlicensed samples of "I Can’t Do Without You." The company went on to say that the records is about drug use and illegal drug trade, which is why they would have never agreed to license the song "for such a use under any circumstances." They are using for "for disgorgement of profits, compensatory, consequential, incidental and punitive damages in an amount to be determined by the trier of fact in this case, plus statutory fines, costs, interest and expenses."

LIL XAN PULLS RAPPER ON MAN IN 7/11 PARKING LOT: Rapper Lil Xan pulled out a gun on a man during an argument about Tupac this past weekend. According to TMZ, Xan was at a 7/11 parking lot near downtown L.A. on Friday night (June 7th) when he was approached by a man who confronted him on camera over the comments he previously made about Tupac. In the video footage, the man asked the rapper why he "talked sh*t" about Pac and called him "boring." He then called Xan a "little b*tch." The rapper then pulled out a gun and waved it at him. Xan yelled, "What the f**k you want, bruh? Get the f**k out, ni**a!" Xan later addressed the incident on his Instagram Story, saying, "I was about to be attacked and resorted to having to use self-defense. F**k all you old head a** b*tches still talking bout that 2Pac sh*t. Live your own life and stop picking on a kid."

MASTER P SPEAKS ON NIPSEY HUSSLE: Master P has opened up about Nipsey Hussle, saying that he should have received the recognition that he is currently getting while he was alive. The rapper told PEOPLE, "Everything he got after he died, he deserved that before. He could really make music. People know now. His music touches millions of people now. I had people say, ‘You know, I never listened to his music. It’s really good’. But you waited ‘til he died? It makes no sense." Master P and Nipsey were in the studio two days before the rapper was killed. They were recording a song for the upcoming film, I Got the Hook Up 2. The song is set to be released on July 12th, the same day as the premiere of the movie.

DJ KHALED’S ISSUE WITH ‘FATHER OF ASAHD’’S SUCCESS IS BILLBOARD, NOT TYLER, THE CREATOR: DJ Khaled has spoken out about his album, Father of Asahd. As previously reported, the mogul allegedly had a "temper tantrum" and stormed out of his record label’s office after finding out that his album was going to be No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart after Tyler, the Creator’s IGOR. In a since-deleted video, Khaled said, "I make albums so people can play it and you actually hear it. You know, driving your car, you hear another car playing it. You know, go to the barbershop, you hear them playing it. You know, turn the radio on, and you hear them playing it. It’s called great music. It’s called albums that you actually hear the songs. Not no mysterious sh*t that you never hear it." The Blast later reported that Khaled’s frustrations were aimed at Billboard and that he does not have any ill will towards Tyler. Tyler, however, has since been throwing slight jabs at Khaled’s "mysterious sh*t" comment. One fane reposted the video and said, "Wow, doing pretty good for some mysterious sh*t." Tyler responded and said, "Yeah I am, IGOR out now."