Hip Hop Beats: Meek Mill & Lil Durk!

MEEK MILL RECEIVES APOLOGY FROM VEGAS HOTEL: Following Meek Mill being discriminated against at The Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas and threatening legal action, the rapper has now received an apology. According to Rolling Stone, the hotel said in a statement, “We apologize to Meek Mill for how we handled the situation on Saturday, May 25, as we did not act in a respectful manner and were wrong. Meek Mill has not had any prior incidents on our property. The Cosmopolitan has zero tolerance for discrimination and we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive environment. We look forward to welcoming Meek Mill back to the resort.”  

LIL DURK DENIED BAIL IN ATLANTA SHOOTING CASE: According to The Shade Room, Lil Durk is pleading with a judge to allow him to post bond after turning himself in for his alleged involvement in an Atlanta shooting. The rapper claims that he was not involved in the incident, which took place back in February outside of The Varsity in Atlanta. Durk says that he is innocent of the five felony charges he is currently facing. He said, “I have nothing to hide. I have nothing to run from.” His legal team is working to set up a bond, so he can be released from jail.