Hip Hop Beats: Remy Ma & Da Baby!


REMY MA IS OFFICIALLY OFF OF PAROLE: Remy Ma is officially off of parole after five years. The rapper took to Instagram to celebrate the moment. She uploaded a video, which had a caption that said, "Was trying to get the perfect lighting for my 1st #OffParole pic/post didn't realize my phone was recording. Looking back at the video...😩 I have to be stopped 😂ALLLLLLLLL this for a selfie- the actual video was almost 3 minutes long." Remy's husband, Papoose, celebrated her as well. He uploaded a video with a caption that said, "And they lived happily ever after."

DABABY FAN ATTACKED AT CONCERT IN IOWA: A DaBaby fan was recently attacked at the rapper's concert in Des Moines, Iowa. According to Complex, the incident took place at the Val Air Ballroom. In video footage that has surfaced the net, the man is seen being punched while on the ground in the venue's backstage hallway. The clip also shows the rapper on the scene, watching as two men punch the fan.