Hip Hop Beats: Soulja Boy & T.I.!

SOULJA BOY ARRESTED FOR VIOLATING PROBATION: Soulja Boy is apparently behind bars for violating probation. According to TMZ, the rapper was taken into custody following a court hearing after a judge said that he failed to do his community service. The rapper is also accused of falsifying evidence that he completed the community service. He will remain in custody until his next hearing on April 30th.

T.I. SPEAKS FURTHER ON KODAK BLACK’S COMMENTS: T.I. was recently asked by TMZ about the additional comments Kodak Black has made about him, which stemmed from T.I. checking Kodak on the comments he made about Lauren London. Tip told TMZ, "The respect of a non respectable person is not valued. I’m respected by respectable people, people who actually can be held to high regard." He added, "You saw a legend, a revolutionary, transition into an unlimited spirit, a limitless spirit. That's what we saw. That sh*t there, that's just slime. I mean, listen man, to be honest with you, that's all his brain capacity could come up with. I urge him to go educate himself and enlighten himself because if he knew better, he'd do better. I just hope he fix it before it fix him. That's all I can do. I don't wish no pain on him, I don't wish no harm on him, but ultimately the laws of reciprocity are in order at all times. You get what you give so the energy he's putting out there, it's gon' come find him."