History Is Made As Jack White Meets Jack Black

It's been years in the making and it finally happened: Jack White hung out with Jack Black.

Musician and record label owner Jack White recently met up with actor Jack Black's comedy duo Tenacious D, and the two Jacks naturally took the opportunity for a photo op. Tenacious D posted the photo on Instagram with the caption "We hired a new merch guy."

It's unclear exactly where the Jacks met up. Tenacious D are currently touring in Europe in support of their album and animated series Post-Apocalypto, while White and the Raconteurs are also trekking around that continent in support of their forthcoming LP Help Us Stranger.

It isn’t necessarily the first time they met. They were both at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards and Black once introduced the White Stripes, yet neither of those events yielded a photo of the two together.

Last year, Third Man Records gave a rundown of all the most clichéd Jack White/Jack Black jokes, including, "If Jack White and Jack Black form a band and/or have a baby it will be called 'Jack Grey.'"