Hollywood Quick Hits: Dave Chappelle & Spike Lee!

DAVE CHAPPELLE SAYS R. KELLY WANTED TO FIGHT AFTER ‘PISS ON YOU’ SKIT: Dave Chappelle has confirmed that R. Kelly wanted to fight him after his "Piss On You" skit on The Chappelle Show. According to a video obtained by TMZ, Chappelle told the crowd at WeHo Improv in Los Angeles, "We was in Chicago at a Common show and his goons bust in my room. I don't know if they was his goons but they sure did like him. He said, ‘How are you gonna do the video of me peeing on girls like that?’ … and I said, ‘How you gonna do the video?’"

SPIKE LEE PLANNING ‘SCHOOL DAZE’ BROADWAY MUSICAL: According to The Jasmine Brand, Spike Lee’s 1988 film, School Daze, is being adapted into a Broadway musical. Lee confirmed the script for a sequel to the film 2017, saying, "I had the script for the sequel to School Daze… a contemporary version, same school… 25 years later. Hopefully I can get Laurence Fishburne to play Dap… he’ll be the president now of the school. It would deal with issues in HSBCUs today… some of the same stuff from the last film… like the pledging process… but also lots of new stuff… like homophobia… it’s a big subject in it… class issues, color, hair texture… but it’s stuff happening today."