Hollywood Quick Hits: RHOA & Ava DuVernay


KENYA MOORE’S EX ARRESTED: Kenya Moore’s ex, Matt Jordan, has been arrested after being accused of punching his girlfriend in the face. According to TMZ, documents show that Valerie Bell claims that Jordan punched her in the face in the parking lot of a Denny’s restaurant early Saturday (July 27th). The was also another woman who witnessed the alleged incident. The witness claims that Matt came very close to his frielfriend and snatched her cigarettes from her — including the one that was in her mouth at the time. When the officers arrives, Jordan had already left the scene. Matt is said to have returned to the alleged victim’s home, where police found him and arrested him. 

NENE LEAKES SHUTS DOWN RUMORS ABOUT CYNTHIA BAILEY’S ENGAGEMENT: NeNe Leaks has shut down rumors that she exploded over Cynthia Bailey’s engagement while filming Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe wrote on social media, “Number 1, WHY would i explode? WHY? Chile I don’t want high blood pressure 🤣 Number 2, i sent @cynthiabailey10 the nite of her engagement a beautiful gift and card. I couldn’t be happier for her finding love again. Number 3 @radaronline and all the others who continue to pick this up, post, write trying to diminish/damage my character should try using their time in a more productive way like donating to @americancancersociety The Lies The Lies The Lies in @kandi voice.”

AVA DUVERNAY SAYS KOREY WISE NEVER RECONNECTED WITH GIRLFRIEND AFTER PRISON RELEASE: Ava DuVernay has revealed that Korey Wise of her docuseries, When They See Us, did not reconnect with his girlfriend after being released from prison. According to Complex, in the series, Wise decides to bail on his date with his girlfriend, Lisa, to go to Central Park with his friends. A Twitter user asked DuVernay if Wise and his girlfriend reconnected and she replied, “I’m sorry. Korey never reconnected with his girlfriend from the time of his arrest. Sadly, she passed away before he was released from prison 13 years later. Whenever Korey mentions Lisa to this day, he always adds “Rest in Peace.” I truly hope she is.”