Hollywood Quick Hits: Salim Akil & More!

SALIM AKIL’S ALLEGED MISTRESS AND ACCUSER SAYS SHE’S STAYING WITH HER HUSBAND: The woman who has allegedly accused Salim Akil of rape and sexual abuse has shared a post on social media, saying that she is staying with her husband. Amber Dixon Brenner said of her husband David Brenner on Instagram, "My friend, David Brenner, took me out on a date ... and we sorta fell in love again that night. And the best part is, he is my husband. My Rock. My companion. Champion. Bearer of my secrets. Hopes. Dreams. Regrets... My soundboard. My teacher. And in so many ways, my mentor. He challenges me. Nags me. Grabs my coffee. Tells me I’m pretty. Respects my humanity. My autonomy. My journey. My lessons. Grabs my hand when I toss and turn and sigh through the night... and in return, I do my best to honor him as his own person. As a being in the journey of life. As a creator. Man. Father. Explorer. Intellectual.... We drift apart and come together. Drift apart and come together. Drift apart and happen upon each other when we least expect it. This makes me smile. I love this friend of mine. My husband and father of my children. My heart. I am proud of you, Mr. David Brenner."

TOMMIE LEE LEAVES ‘LHHATL’: Tommie Lee says that she will not be returning to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. According to Bossip, she recently wrote on her Instagram Stories, "I loved my old job but I no longer work with them."

IDRIS ELBA IS PLAYING COACHELLA: Idris Elba will be playing Coachella this year, but under the moniker, DJ Big Driis. According to Page Six, the actor will make his Coachella debut as a DJ, performing on Saturday of both weekends.