Hollywood Quick Hits: Shannade Clermont, Pastor John Gray & More!

SHANNADE CLERMONT’S SENTENCING DELAYED: According to Complex, Shannade Clermont’s sentencing has been delayed because her lawyer is defending El Chapo. Clermont pleaded guilty to one count of fraud for allegedly spending over $20,000 on a dead man’s bank card, However, her lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, is currently defending El Chapo, so her sentencing has been pushed back. Lichtman has asked the judge to postpone Clermont’s sentencing from its February 13th date. She will not appear in court on April 4th to face a maximum sentence of 20 years.

PASTOR JOHN GRAY ALLEGEDLY ADMITS TO CHEATING ON HIS WIFE: Mega pastor John Gray was criticized for purchasing his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini for the anniversary because the gift was purchased shortly after he allegedly admitting to cheating. According to The Grio, John told his Relentless Church congregation, "We had to keep smiling because even though we were struggling, even though I was failing as a husband, I was already in front of the people, and the people can’t really receive my brokenness, because where do leaders go when they bleed? So I had to bleed alone." He continued, "And what’s strange is I traveled the whole world and the Holy Ghost showed up and people got saved and me and my wife just kept smiling and nobody knew we were getting ready to get a divorce. Because as long as I kept producing, nobody cared what was happening at home. I started listening to the wrong voices and let some people get too close. She found out, and she set it off, just like a good wife should."

  • John’s wife, Aventer Gray, then said, "And then I prayed for them and him and then the devil loses. Because what’s not going to happen is you tell me that I’m going to lose my purpose because someone whispered to a ’16-year-old John’. The devil is a lie. I’m standing with my husband, and you can go on back to the pits of hell where you came from."