Hollywood Quick Hits: Wendy Williams, Atlanta & More!


WENDY WILLIAMS DENIES THAT SHE IS TAKING ESTRANGED HUSBAND BACK AS HER MANAGER: Wendy Williams has denied rumors that she is taking back estranged husband Kevin Hunter as her business manager. According to Bossip, in a recent interview, Wendy said, "Right now the only business, and I repeat, the only business that me and Mr. Hunter are involved with is getting a divorce finalized." She added that her and Kevin will always be friends. Wendy also admitted that she needs a divorce "yesterday." When asked if Kevin is making the divorce hard, she responded, "That's our business. But if I say I need a divorce yesterday, then what do you think?" On rumors that her show is going to be cancelled, she said, "Nope, nope, nope. Do I look unemployed?" She also spoke on rumors that her staff is trying to leave, saying, "The morale was always good, it's better now."

'ATLANTA' RENEWED FOR SEASON 4: FX's Atlanta has been renewed for season four -- although production on the third season has yet to begin. The network announced that each season will be shot together in the Spring of 2020 and will both feature eight episodes. Season three and four will be shot together beginning the spring of 2020. The series is certainly a popular one. It's won five Emmy Awards and has received a total of 22 nominations since the first season premiered in September 2016. Fans might be used to a gap considering season 2 didn't air until March 2018.

LAMAR ODOM AND NEW GIRLFRIEND ADDRESS FAKE RELATIONSHIP RUMORS: Lamar Odom and his new girlfriend Sabrina Parr have addressed rumors that they are faking their relationship. Their manager Zoul El Fassi said in a statement, :Let me first start of saying this: the only reason for that story being out there is because a former ex management person decided to put some bad press on Sabrina & Lamar." He then added that Lamar has "tremendous love" for the Kardashians and said that he considers them family. He continued, "Lamar is trying to build something that is close to what he shared with Khloe. He is just trying to move on. Sabrina has had an amazing influence on him and I really welcomed her into his life. He started to fall in love with life. We need to support and respect that."

IS TREVANTE RHODES ENGAGED?: It looks like Moonlight star Trevante Rhodes may be off the market. A family friend posted a pictures in her Instagram stories of the actor along with his girlfriend with a "Congratulations" banner with heart emojis. Rhodes' girlfriend's name is Mara White and she is a 29 year old model signed to Wilhemina, was rocking a diamond on her ring finger. The biracial model is trained in marital arts, has participated in stage combat training, and she has starred in a few short films. She is originally from Chicago.