Howard University President Releases Statement Prohibiting D.C. Residents From Walking Dogs On Campus

Howard University’s president has issued a statement about Washington, D.C. residents walks their dogs on the school’s campus following students expressing their concern about the issue. According to, in an email sent to the university’s students and staff, President Wayne A. I. Frederick said that pet owners are prohibited from bringing their animals on the campus.

President Frederick said in the email, "We recognize that service animals are a necessary aspect of modern-day life and we will accommodate them as needed. We appreciate pet owners respecting our campus by not bringing pets onto the private areas. Howard is a private institution nestled in the heart of an urban city and we’ve shared a long-standing positive relationship with our evolving community for more than 150 years, which we look forward to continuing in the future."

He also said that he wants to see the campus "remain pristine and symbolic of all that Howard University represents."

As previously reported, a resident of the neighborhood suggested the university "move" if they don’t want dogs being walked on the campus.