Inside Gwyneth Paltrow's Wedding to Brad Falchuk

Details about Gwyneth Paltrow’s Saturday wedding to mega-producer Brad Falchuk are slowly beginning to trickle through, via official and unofficial channels. OFFICIAL DETAILS Paltrow tacitly acknowledged their nuptials by posting on Instagram a sweet, understated shots of their hands, which bore thin gold wedding bands. UNOFFICIAL DETAILS The wedding itself reportedly took place at Paltrow’s home in the Hamptons on Saturday. The night before, pals The Seinfelds hosted their rehearsal dinner at their own ritzy Hamptons spread. The day of the wedding, Paltrow reportedly hung out with close friend Cameron Diaz. About 75 people were in attendance, including the Seinfelds, Rob Lowe, Robert Downey Jr., Benji Madden, Diaz and Steven Spielberg. The celebration kicked off with a cocktail hour and a string quartet. Guests were led into a tented area, where they exchanged their vows. Then, guests were led to another tent where the reception was held. Two long wooden tables were decorate with candles and white and burgundy flowers. There was live music. The pair announced their engagement on the cover of Paltrow’s Goop Sex & Love issue after dating for more than three years.