Jason Aldean's Easy Commute To Work

Jason Aldean is pretty much done with his next studio album and is putting on his producer hat when it comes to Tyler Farr's next project. Needless to say, he's been spending quite a bit of time in the studio these days, but as Jason tells us, the commute to work couldn't be better. "The cool thing was is -- I didn't know this -- but we sold our house earlier in the year and moved to like a rental house for the next year and so when it came time to cut my vocals, the guy that I'm in the studio with that I cut my vocals with lives across the street from me and has a studio in his basement, so everyday I just walk across the street, go cut some songs, walk back over to the house. It actually worked out perfect, and even with Tyler, like we're cutting over there so I can kind of be right there at the house and kind of pop in and out for stuff so it worked out pretty well."

Jason is currently beachside on vacation with his family. His cell phone accidentally went for a swim, as he posted on social media, blaming the mishap on his wife. At least he has a sense of humor about it. He shared a picture of himself holding a conch shell to his ear writing, "If anybody needs me, hit me up on my new 'Shell Phone X plus.'