JAY- Is Getting Mixed Opinions On Partnership With The NFL


JAY-Z has garnered mixed opinions from the response he gave when asked if he would kneel or stand, following news of his partnership with the NFL. The raised brows stem from JAY vocally supporting former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who has not been able to play in the NFL following his silent protest against police brutality.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the rapper said in a press conference on Wednesday (August 14th), "I think we've moved past kneeling and I think it's time to go into actionable items. I think everyone knows what the issue is. We're done with that...And I'm not, again so to be clear — for the room, I'm not minimizing that part of it because that has to happen, that's a necessary part of the process. But now that we all know what's going on, what are we going to do? How are we going to stop it? Because the kneeling was not about a job, it was about injustice. Let me bring attention to injustice. Everyone is saying, 'How you going forward if Kap doesn't have a job?' This wasn't about him having a job."

He has since been slammed by Kap's girlfriend, Nessa Diab, and his former teammate, Eric Reid. Nessa took to social media and said, "We will never turn our backs on @kaepernick7 because your idols decided to work with the same organization that is actively keeping Colin unemployed all because he peacefully protested against social injustice in black and brown communities, specifically police brutality. So really, how can Jay-Z and the NFL utter social justice in their partnership while keeping Colin unemployed because of his social justice work?"

She continued, "It's typical for the NFL to buy different PR looks to cover up their dirt-that's nothing new. But what is disgusting and disappointing is Jay-Z let them use him. Whether Jay-Z knew it or not (I don't doubt his intelligence-so I would think he knew) he helped the NFL bury who he said is an iconic figure, Colin Kaepernick. Don't tell me there's a ‘master plan and wait for it' because the ONLY reason anything would ever change is because THE PEOPLE are loud and clear and won't let the league buy their loyalty with their disingenuous moves. The people are letting the league and anyone who works with them know that they aren't buying the bs."

Reid also took to social media and said, "These aren't mutually exclusive. They can both happen at the same time! It looks like your goal was to make millions and millions of dollars by assisting the NFL in burying Colin's career. Jay-Z doesn't need the NFL's help 2 address social injustices. It was a money move 4 him & his music business. The NFL gets 2 hide behind his black face 2 try to cover up blackballing Colin."

Journalist Jemele Hill also weighed in on JAY'z decision to partner with the NFL. She wrote via The Atlantic, "I get that Jay-Z might see this as an opportunity for artists to connect with the NFL's immense audience. He could also offer some incredible insight and direction to the league on the social-justice front, since he's been actively engaged in such work for a long time. I also understand that, to become hip-hop's first billionaire, Jay-Z didn't always have the luxury of avoiding relationships and partnerships with people he disagreed with or disliked."

She continued, "But in this case, Jay-Z isn't getting enough out of the deal to justify the sacrifice of some of his credibility. This alliance plays right into the NFL's hands, because the league seems determined to banish any memory of Kaepernick with its recent social-justice efforts—even though it's likely that Jay-Z and the NFL wouldn't even be entering into this arrangement if Kaepernick hadn't taken a knee in 2016."