JAY-Z Talks NFL Partnership


JAY-Z sat in the hot seat on Wednesday (August 14th) to answer questions surrounding his new Roc Nation partnership with the NFL at a press conference with the organization's commissioner, Roger Goodell.

According to ESPN, when asked about Colin Kaepernick — whom JAY has vocally supported and has not been on an NFL roster since the end of the 2016 season, the mogul said, "We forget that Colin's whole thing was to bring attention to social injustice. In that case, this is a success. This is the next phase. There are two parts of protesting. You go outside and you protest, and then the company or the individual says, 'I hear you. What do we do next?'"

He continued, "For me it's like action, an actionable item, what are we gonna do with it? Everyone heard, we hear what you're saying, and everybody knows I agree with what you're saying in Kaepernick's underlying message. So what are we gonna do? You know what I'm saying? Help millions and millions of people, or we get stuck on Colin not having a job."

Complex reports that both JAY and Goodell said they spoke with Kap, but the did not disclose the details of those conversations. However, when asked if Kap will be involved with the new partnership, JAY said, "You'll have to ask him. I'm not his boss. I can't just bring him into something. That's for him to say."

Kaepernick's girlfriend, Nessa Diab, however is denying that JAY spoke to him when the deal was being done. She wrote, THIS is a lie. COLIN never spoke to Jay-Z and NFL ahead of that deal being done. They NEVER included him in any discussion."

JAY also addressed those who disagree with his decision to partner with the NFL, saying that "people have to evolve." He added, "People have to want to be better and people have to want to have conversations. This isn't Twitter. You can't just throw someone out if they make a mistake. This is the real world. You can't say, 'Oh, you made a mistake, you're canceled. I'm never speaking to you again.' That's doesn't accomplish anything. That's what I believe. I believe real change is had through real conversation and real work."