Jimmy Kimmel Says Donald Trump Lied About Him at Rally

President Donald Trump recently castigated late night host Jimmy Kimmel at a campaign rally in West Columbia, S.C. At the time, Kimmel was in the middle of the Montana wilds sans cell service. 

But now that he’s back from vacay, he’s responding to Trump’s claim that he’d waited on Hollywood Boulevard to greet Trump back when he was hosting The Celebrity Apprentice and set to come on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

“It’s a funny thing. Even the people who like the president know he makes things up. But still it’s weird to hear him tell a lie that specifically involves you,” Kimmel said. “For the record, not only was I not on the sidewalk waiting for him, opening the door of his car—I didn’t even go to his dressing room to say hello before the show.”

He added that he rarely speaks to anyone before they appear. 

"I never do it—15 years I probably. I don't know—I've done it seven times. I like to greet the guests on stage. I feel dumb saying hello to them and then saying hello again 10 minutes later, but I digress. None of that actually happened."