Jonathan Rhys Meyers Held by Police After Plane Incident

Police at Los Angeles International Airport detained Jonathan Rhys Meyers Sunday after he got into a vicious verbal altercation with his wife and then vaping in the bathroom on an American Airlines flight, TMZ reports.

Sources tell the gossip outlet that he and his wife Mara Lane were on a flight from Miami to L.A. with their 1-year-old son Wolf, when Meyers became "verbally abusive" to Lane.

TMZ reports that other passengers were upset by his profanity-laced meltdown. To make matters worse, after he blew up, he went to the bathroom and smoked an e-cigarette, which is a federal violation.

He had reportedly been drinking. Police detained and questioned him, but released him after the FBI declined to press charges on the vaping incident.

Meyers has a long history of substance abuse.