Joyner Lucas Exposes DM From Tomi Lahren

Rapper Joyner Lucas has exposed DMs he received from Tomi Lahren. As previously reported, Lucas dropped a record called, "Devil’s Work," where he pled with God to bring back artists such as Tupac Shakur, Nipsey Hussle and Michael Jackson in exchange for controversial figures including Suge Knight, R. Kelly, Laura Ingraham and Tomi Lahren. Lucas rapped, "I really feel like you should teach them stupid h*es a lesson / Either that or give us back somebody who deserves the blessings," referring to the conservative commentators.

Lahren commented on the video on Twitter, writing, "Truly disgusting. You don’t have to like me or respect me but this is too far. This isn’t ‘art’ it’s sick."

She also DM’d Lucas, to which he shared a screenshot on Instagram. She wrote the rapper via direct message, saying, "Although I don’t appreciate you depicting and calling for my death in your latest music video, I would like to sit down and talk with you on or off camera. Maybe we can find some common ground." He captioned the screenshot, "I wonder how this conversations gonna go @tomilahren."

It is not yet confirmed if the two will sit down for an interview.