Julia Michaels & Niall Horan Debut 'What A Time' Music Video

Julia Michaels has released the video for "What a Time," featuring Niall Horan.

The video comes from her recently released EP Inner Monologue Part I, which also features a duet with Selena Gomez.

The video shows Michaels sitting in a dimly-lit house filled with unkept flowers and foliage. She sits on the living room floor with her back resting against a man, who sits silently for the duration of the video. "I feel a little nauseous and my hands are shaking / I guess that means you’re close by," Michaels sings as she looks over her shoulder at her ex lover.

As Julia reminisces about the former relationship, she grows more emotional but the male figure remains unmoved. We then see the two of them sitting on a couch, but as Julia cuddles up to the man, he appears stoic.

Julia eventually breaks down crying as she sings the lines, "I think of the night in the park/it was getting dark and we stayed up for hours/What a lie, what a lie, what a lie."

Julia Michaels will head out on the road this spring in support of Pink’s Beautiful Trauma World Tour, and will then embark on her own headlining tour.