Julia Michaels Sings About Learning To Love Herself In 'Body' Music Video


Julia Michaels has released the video for "Body," alongside an as-told-to essay in Teen Vogue. The song and video both tackle issues of physical insecurities and self-love.

"In the video for ‘Body,' I came up with the idea to start in a bunch of layers, and by the end I'm completely stripped," Michaels told Teen Vogue. "The second verse of the song is me talking about how I cover up. I wear big, oversized sweatshirts so that I can cover my body. I do all these things to make me feel more comfortable in my own skin, but really it's making me more uncomfortable when I take it off because I'm constantly masking myself. I wanted to show people how I am versus how I could be."

"Body" is a track from her latest EP, Inner Monologue Part 2. The singer previously released "Okay" in collaboration with LANY. She kicks off the second leg of her Inner Monologue Tour on October 16th in Tempe, Arizona, making coast-to-coast stops across North America before wrapping up November 22nd in Mexico City.