Justin Bieber Taunts Tom Cruise As He Nails The #BottleCapChallenge


Over the weekend, Justin Bieber used the #BottleCapChallenge to continue his bizarre obsession with the idea of fighting Tom Cruise.

In his Instagram video, a shirtless Justin announces, "This could be Tom Cruise’s head," before nailing the challenge, which involves kicking a loosely-placed bottlecap with your foot so it spins off the bottle. In the caption, he challenges both Cruise and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, to do the stunt.

Last month, Bieber made an out-of-nowhere challenge to Cruise to get in the MMA octagon for battle. Just a few days later, though, he said he was just kidding, admitting that he doesn’t know Cruise and, besides, the action star would "probably whup my ass in a fight."

That hasn’t stopped MMA executives from saying that they’d be happy to stage such a fight.

However, Hailey quickly accepted Justin’s nomination – but she did it a little differently. Hailey drove an ATV and stood on the side with her leg at a 90 degree angle. She kicked off the bottle cap as she drove by.

"ok challenge accepted… I nominate @kendalljenner and @justineskye 🍾🍾," she captioned her post, nominating Kendall Jenner and Justine Skye.