Kelly Clarkson Wants Her Son To Marry John Legend's Daughter; Admits It Was 'Kinda Stupid' To Host BBMAs With Appendicitis

Kelly Clarkson has realized it was "kinda stupid" of her to host the 2019 Billboard Music Awards while battling appendicitis.

Kelly not only hosted, but she even performed twice for fans during the three-hour ceremony, before dashing off to undergo emergency surgery.

Kelly assured fans she was "feeling awesome" in a Twitter post hours after the operation news hit headlines, but by Sunday, she admitted the recovery period "super duper sucks" because she isn’t a great patient.

Kelly returned to the spotlight on Monday as she resumed her role as a coach on The Voice, and in a chat with Entertainment Tonight, she played down all the praise she has received for pushing through her condition to complete her Billboard Music Awards gig as host:

"Here’s the funny thing: everybody kept being like, ‘Oh my God. You’re superwoman!’ Nobody knows meanwhile, I performed onstage, and have been performing, with one of my friends that’s, like, fighting cancer. It feels just silly, people saying like, ‘Oh, I can’t believe she did this.’ And I’m like, I have friends that are going through much worse scenarios and doing it on the daily."

Kelly credits the adrenaline rush she experienced onstage with helping her play through the pain, but as soon as she wrapped up her duties as host, the extent of her condition really kicked in. "I felt uncomfortable during the show, but it didn’t really hit hard until the end of the show and my adrenaline just, like, left the building...," Kelly confessed, insisting she is doing much better now. "It’s fine. Everything’s good."

However, the mother-of-two recognizes that performing with appendicitis was "kinda stupid," even though her doctor had signed off on her big gig hours earlier.

You know, what I did was kinda stupid. Like, I probably shouldn’t have (pressed on with the show), but I did ask my doctor and we had things (preparations) going on in case it ruptured or whatever... It wasn’t just like, ‘I can do it!’ Like, I wasn’t an idiot about it. But I probably wouldn’t do it again."

Meanwhile, Mother’s Day is this weekend, and Kelly says she’s looking to another celebrity mom to help make a love connection for her three-year-old son Remy: Chrissy Teigen, wife of her fellow Voice coach John Legend:

"My little boy, I told Chrissy, I want him to marry her three-year-old daughter Luna. Their skin tones, their eye color, I'm like, 'What would that baby look like?' They would make the most beautiful babies…They probably think I’m weird. Definitely they probably think I’m weird."