Kevin Spacey Getting Job Offers as Arraignment Begins

Is life is imitating art? A la his character Keyzer Soze’s escape from justice in The Usual Suspects, Kevin Spacey is still getting acting gig offers, despite the fact that his arraignment is happening today (Monday). While the star has been accused of sexual misconduct by 30+ men (Anthony Rapp was the first to point the finger), this is the first formal charge that has been leveled against him.

An old colleague of Spacey’s tells Page Six that the cloud of scandal hasn’t dimmed his acting prospects everyhere: "He is still getting acting offers from Europe and Russia. He’s just assumed he can come back to American films in a few years."

He also garnered 9 million+ of page views when he posted a bizarre video of himself in his House of Cards character Frank Underwood once the formal charges emerged. In a recent appearance seemingly curated for the paparazzi, he wore a baseball cap that read, "Retired in 2017," then offered the shutterbugs some of his pizza.

On Monday, Spacey will face charges of assaulting a then 18-year-old boy. One insider told Page Six that Spacey knows what he’s doing and purposefully attracting a "media circus" ahead of his arraignment in a bid for interest from Hollywood. (Netflix famously fired him from HOC after the allegations emerged).

He told Page Six: "Kevin is one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. This was probably some Trump-like attempt at distraction. Throw a firebomb here, and people won’t look there."

Spacey is reportedly planning to plead not guilty.