Khia Continues To Go Off On Quality Control's Pierre 'Pee' Thomas Over Sampled Record

Khia called out Quality Control’s Pierre "Pee" Thomas on Tuesday (January 8th) for failing to pay her for sampling "My Neck, My Back" on City Girls’ single, "F**K Dat N***a." In a video posted to Instagram, Khia said, "You know I'm mad at you cause you let t. While you act like you got so much motherf**king money, you ugly fat necked b*tch." Pee responded to Khia by providing receipts, which proved that he properly cleared the record.

However, Khia went off on Pee once again on Wednesday (January 9th). In her most recent video, she said, "Y'all like to give a n***a their money. Why couldn't you be a real n***a and call the queen and say, 'Queen, I wanna sample your sh*t. I got these new little young girls, I wanna sample your sh*t. You got all this money. You n***as so rich, and I'm so poor. Why the f**k you ain't call me and say, 'Queen, it ain't nothin'. Get this money. I wanna sample your voice, your sh*t. I look, I seen you a publisher on this motherf**ker, you own copyright, you own the publishing to a percentage of this song. Here go your money."

Pee responded saying, "Ignorance at its finest. Let’s stop promoting foolishness."