Khloe Kardashian Renovates Home To Rid It of Tristan Thompson Vibes

Khloe Kardashian is dunzo with Tristan Thompson after he not only allegedly cheated on her multiple times while pregnant with their baby, but then also reportedly hooked up with her sister Kylie Jenner’s (former) BFF Jordyn Woods.

So much so, she is giving her L.A. home a major facelift, including the removal of icky vibes. In a video shared to her Instagram Story, she can be heard saying, "I walk into my house because I’m moving and guess who’s here—The Home Edit to make me happy."

"With the addition of True and her breakup with Tristan, Khloe wanted to change things up," an insider told ET. "She’s happy her home got a facelift."

While she was with Thompson, she split her time between L.A. and Cleveland, where he’s based.


Meanwhile, her other famous NBA ex, Lamar Odom, is reportedly eager to get back together with his "angel." While promoting his memoir, Darkness to Light, Odom has repeatedly sung her praises.

The Daily Mail reports him saying: "I had an Armenian angel, I had a great wife and hadn’t treated her well. I never had the opportunity to tell her how thankful I was for wiping my a*s."

Their divorce was finalized in December of 2016.