Korn Guitarist Denies Slamming The Band To Ex-Drummer


Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch has denied saying disparaging things about his bandmates to drummer David Silveria while they were both estranged from the group several years ago.

Silveria, who played drums on the first seven Korn albums, recently said that Welch told him "very negative things about Korn" when they spoke on the phone the year before Welch's 2013 return to the band. He also claimed that Welch told him he would "never go back" to Korn.

Welch addressed Silveria's remarks on his Facebook page, saying, "When David called me, I was in such a good place, I was re-connected to half of the Korn guys, and I never would've said anything negative about them because my life was all about love and positivity, so him saying I told him horrible things about Korn that he can't repeat, is a completely fragmented memory David has."

The guitarist continued, "What I did say was that I would NEVER go back to Korn. That is true. But as you can see in my movie, Loud Krazy Love, that magical, unplanned meeting with Korn at Carolina Rebellion (in 2012), changed my entire view of that possibility. The wounds with David and a couple of the other Korn members went way deeper than any issues I had in the past with them."

Welch told us a while back how it felt to get back together with the band again when he rejoined in 2013: "You know, all this stuff came in the perfect time and I knew it was meant to be because it was so smooth, everything fell into place, and then when we started writing, everything started falling into place better. So it was just so awesome, dude, and even from when we started writing to this day right now, there's been nothing, no negative anything at all."

Welch left Korn in early 2005, with Silveria exiting the group a year later. Welch did reconnect with the group in 2012 and officially rejoined the following year, while Silveria claimed his attempt to reunite with them was rebuffed, leading him to sue the group in 2015.