Korn Guitarist Says God Led Him Back To The Band

Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch has shared a new video feature for I Am Second in which he discusses his faith and how he feels it led him back to the band after eight years apart.

Welch left the band back in 2005 while battling drug addiction and more, becoming a born again Christian. After pursuing various other projects, he rejoined Korn in 2013 and has remained a member ever since. He said in the video, "It’s not the most popular thing to do at a rock concert, is talk about Christ. Now I’m doing it because it’s the most realest thing that’s happened to me in my life."

Welch continued, "We need to figure out what’s right for our lives for this time, you know? I did that, I followed God right back into Korn and he’s there and I’m not separated from them or the fans any longer. It says in the Bible he’s gonna restore all things. God is so good that he’s restored me in that way."

Welch‘s previously strained relationship with his daughter and his own struggles with fatherhood during his time away from Korn serves as the focus of a new documentary titled Loud Krazy Love. That film will air on Showtime this Friday (December 14th).