Korn Shares Video For New Song 'Cold'


Korn has debuted another new song, "Cold," ahead of the September 13th release of the band's new album, The Nothing. The track has been described as one of the more "experimental" offerings on the LP, although the distorted guitars, driving drums and bass and singer Jonathan Davis' growls are all Korn trademarks.

Davis told us a while back that Korn likes to experiment every time it makes a new record: "One thing that we've done as we've gotten older as a band is that we've opened our minds to so many different things, and each record we always try to experiment and go down different avenues and different ways so we can grow as musicians. We've always had that open-minded philosophy, like just, 'With each record, let's do what's not supposed to be Korn.' And it's fun. We don't want to do the same record over and over again. They get boring."

The singer has discussed the meaning of the album's title recently, saying, "Deep within our Earth lives an extraordinary force. Very few are aware of the magnitude and significance of this place where good/evil, dark/light, bliss/torment, loss/gain and hope/despair all exist as one, pulling at us every moment of our lives . . . It's the place where black and white energies attach themselves to our souls, and shape our emotion, choices, perspective and ultimately our very existence."

Korn is currently on the road with Alice In Chains and next plays in Wantagh, New York on Tuesday might (August 5th).