L.A. Attorney's Office Tried To Evict Nipsey Hussle From Strip Mall


Nipsey Hussle's business partner David A. Gross took to Instagram to reveal that Los Angeles city officials were attempting to get the rapper and his Marathon Clothing store evicted prior to his death. Gross posted a letter reportedly sent by Deputy City Attorney Nancy Hagan. He wrote, "The Los Angeles City Attorney's office was trying to end us. Literally. They wanted to expel The Marathon Store from Slauson Plaza. No doubt, if Nipsey was alive they'd still be stalking it, after doggedly pursuing him, his brother, his team and his businesses for damn near a decade."

Reports also say that the LAPD were targeting Nip as part of an investigation into alleged gang activity at the strip mall, but authorities have denied those claims.

He continued, "The City Attorney hated (with ALL their hearts) that their maniacal zeal to expel the Marathon Store from Slauson Plaza actually resulted in us buying it and planning to develop it."

Gross added that the city documents were leaked to the New York Times in an attempt to smear he and Nip's reputation. He explained, "That caused real problems for me that I still can't fully address it because it's ongoing. It hurt live deals and brought some to a complete halt."