Lady Gaga Denies Feud With Katy Perry Amid Dr Luke Drama

Lady Gaga has shut down any reports of a feud between herself and Katy Perry after an old text exchange with Kesha in which she made critical remarks about Perry was revealed in court documents. On Twitter, Gaga acknowledged that the texts in question were "old," and added that both she and Perry have "matured" and moved on since they were first sent. "We’ve matured, gotten over the past, love each other & share deep respect. Katy is my friend and is truly a kind soul. End of story," she wrote. Katy also acknowledged the rumbling drama and quickly dismissed it, replying: "Love you too friend. Onward and upward." The public Twitter statements come after the texts were revealed in court documents used in the legal battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke that started in 2014, with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga becoming involved in January 2017. In a statement on Friday, Lady Gaga’s spokesman Sean Cassidy said, "These text messages paint a picture of one friend trying to help another through an extraordinary difficult time." He added that the "private texts" are "several years old and in no way reflect Lady Gaga’s relationship with Katy Perry."