Laila Ali Apologizes For Backing Into Elderly Man In Parking Lot

Laila Ali has released a statement following a car accident she was involved in on Tuesday (December 4th) in Calabasas, Calif. Repors say that the retired boxer backed her SUV into an elderly man in his 90s. He was later hospitalized. Law enforcement did not issue a citation to the retired boxer, noting, "Ali was driving slow in the parking lot. She wasn’t impaired." In a statement on her Facebook page, Ali wrote, "As was reported, I was involved in a minor parking lot accident yesterday. I am okay, and am praying that the elderly gentlemen who was walking behind my car as I was backing up is okay. My daughter (Sydney) was in the vehicle, and she is okay too." She continued, "I am thankful for the medical responders and LA County sheriffs department, both of whom arrived promptly and tended to the situation with urgency and calm. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me concerned."