Lauv & Anne-Marie Team Up On 'F*ck, I'm Lonely' For '13 Reasons Why'


Lauv joins forces with Anne-Marie on their brand new collaboration, "f*ck, i'm lonely."

The track will be featured on Lauv's upcoming debut album titled ~how i'm feeling~, in addition to the upcoming third season of the popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which just debuted its official trailer.

"I'm excited to have ‘f*ck, i'm lonely' included on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack," Lauv said in a statement. "I believe the show has done amazing work but as we release this song, I wanted to share my thoughts about the show with you: when you watch, watch thoughtfully – start with a close friend who you feel like you can be honest with."

"I love this song and I love Lauv. I'm so excited to share ‘f*ck, i'm lonely' with everyone," Anne-Marie added. "I never really like admitting that I miss someone after a break up. So here's a song that does it for me 😝 Enjoy!"