Luke Combs Recalls 'Flabbergasting' Phone Call From Carrie Underwood

Luke Combs is still coming to grips with the fact that he is an ACM award-winner. He was suprised last week with a phone call from Carrie Underwood, who shared the good news that he had been named New Male Artist. At the time, the call was caught on video by someone on Luke's bus, which was shared on social media.

Luke tells us, however, there was a misunderstanding, as he recalls getting that life-changing phone call: "I’m sitting on the bus making a toaster scrambler -- actually everybody thought it was a toaster strudel, it was actually a toaster scrambler. There is a difference. Look it up -- and, I get this call from Carrie Underwood of all people. I don’t know if that was maybe the first time that we have ever interacted in any way, shape or form, so it was quite flabbergasting to say the least, so I was like absolutely stunned she told me I won an ACM award for best new male artist and I was like, 'Well this is a neat start to the day. Not only do I get a delicious toaster scrambler but I’ve got an ACM award.' That’s awesome."

The ACM Awards take place on Sunday (April 7th) in Las Vegas, where Luke is also up for Male Artist of the Year. He is set to perform live during the broadcast, which will air on CBS beginning at 8 p.m. ET.