Man Who Attacked Future's Bodyguard Speaks Out


TMZ has reported that the man who assaulted Future's bodyguard says that he asked for it. The man, whose name is Marcus, said that him and his friends had just landed from their flight and noticed Future, so one of his friends asked for a picture. The man claims that Future responded and said, "Suck my d**k."

Marcus admitted that his friends said rude things to Future, but said that they were ready to leave and let it go, but the bodyguard was not. He claims that the bodyguard actually provoked the fight. Marcus said that he followed them outside to the taxi line and kept insulting and harassing them. The guard even reportedly said that he would die for Future before telling them to come around the corner to fight.

Marcus said that the guard continued to follow them in a threatening manner, so he tried to act first by knocking him to the ground when he had the chance.

He also denied that the incident was racially charged. Marcus said that his friends at the airport were predominantly black, including the man who record the video. He also insisted that he did not use any racial slurs.

As previously reported, Future's bodyguard will not be pressing charges.