Michael Bubl\uFFFD Super Bowl Commercial Unveiled, Tour Extended

Michael Bublé’s Super Bowl commercial has been revealed in full – and he’s announced additional tour dates, as well as revealing the air date for his upcoming NBC special.

The commercial, which will air in the third quarter of the big game on Sunday, is a play on the similarity between Michael’s last name and the name of Pepsi’s flavored sparkling water brand, bubly. Michael walks into a store, sees a display full of bubly cans and says, "Ooh. Blackberry Bublé, my favorite!" A woman responds, "You mean bubly."

"No, I mean Bublé," he responds."You’re Michael Bublé, that’s a bubly," she corrects him.

An employee wearing a name tag that says "Dave" joins in, saying, "She’s right, Michael Bublé. It’s pronounced..." "Bublé, I know," Michael interrupts. "Thanks – Davé."

The end of the spot shows him sitting on the floor, using a Sharpie to drawing an "E" with an accent on every bubly can.

Meanwhile, the new tour dates start in L.A. on July 9th and wrap up July 24th at New York’s Madison Square Garden. The new tickets go on sale February 11th and each ticket comes with either a CD or digital version of Michael’s current album Love. The tour starts February 13th in Tampa, Florida.

Finally, NBC will air its seventh Michael Bublé special on March 20th. No word yet on a title or theme.