Miley Cyrus Criticized For Climbing Fragile Joshua Tree In California

Miley Cyrus is under fire for posting two photos of herself sitting in an endangered Joshua tree.

The singer posted pictures of herself wearing a floral bodysuit and climbing a protected Joshua tree in Palm Springs. In one photo, she hangs on a branch and captions it "Monkey Bizzzzznassssss." In another, she sits in the tree while looking down at the camera, writing, "Looking down at all the petty drama like...."

Now, she’s being criticized by members of the local community because the Joshua trees are endangered and fragile. Many called for Miley to remove the photos from her social media so she doesn’t inspire anyone else to climb on the trees.

Mojave Desert Land Trust executive director Geary Hund said Joshua trees have a shallow root system and that any extra weight can damage tree branches. Miley has yet to remove the photos, but her comments on the pics have since been disabled.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, Joshua trees are not trees but succulents – "a type of plant that stores water." The plant can grow up to 9 feet tall before it branches. They are most commonly found in the Mojave Desert in southwestern region of the United States. The plants have a long life and one tree located in California is believed to be more than 1,000 years old.