Miley Cyrus Enlists Female Activists And Her Mom Tish For 'Mother's Daughter' Video


Miley Cyrus has dropped a risqué video for her single "Mother’s Daughter," where she wears a red latex bodysuit while signing about defiance and determination.

The NSFW video begins by flashing the phrase, "Every woman is a riot." Miley leads a diverse cast of women, from models to activists to her own mom, Tish Cyrus. The visual contains messages of self-expression, body image, sexuality, motherhood, gender identity and acceptance.

On Miley’s Instagram page, she spotlights each of the video’s featured performers and includes their personal statements in the captions. The video has cameos such as Aaron Philip, "a black girl in a wheelchair who happens to be trans," Casil McArthur, a transgender male model and professional skateboarder Lacey Baker. One of the video’s co-stars, Mari Copeny, is an 11-year-old girl from Flint, Michigan, who is fighting for clean water in her city.

"Mother’s Daughter" is the lead single from Miley’s EP, She Is Coming. The EP is the first of three six-song EPs, all of which will make up one collection titled She Is Miley Cyrus.

Meanwhile, Miley had a ‘‘spiritual experience’’ at Stonehenge on Tuesday. The singer, who is in the UK after her headline slot at Glastonbury Festival over the weekend, stopped by the prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Miley wrote alongside a photograph of her in front of the standing stones: ‘‘Stonehenge was a spiritual experience, thank you,’’ followed by a black heart. Proving she sides with the theory that aliens built Stonehenge, Miley said: ‘‘I hope the aliens believe in me.’’