#MuteRKelly Activists Protest Outside Of SONY Headquarters

#MuteRKelly activist protested outside of SONY headquarters, demanding that the label drop R. Kelly. According to Complex, organizers, activists and protestors gathered outside of the headquarters on Wednesday morning (January 16th). The protest was organized by members of #MuteRKelly, Black Women's Blueprint, Care2, Color of Change, CREDO, Girls for Gender Equity, NOW-NYC and UltraViolet.

The group wrote in a statement on the protest’s event page, announcing the "Rally to Protect Black Girls," "Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly is an unignorable investigation into R. Kelly's decades of alleged sexual abuse of young black women and girls, and those in the music industry that have not only enabled him, but profited from him."

The statement continued, "R. Kelly has been able to continue to prey on vulnerable black girls for so long because companies like RCA—his record label—provide him a revenue stream to maintain his sex trafficking operation and a veneer of public credibility. With the seriousness of these numerous allegations and their overwhelming credibility, it's past time for RCA and their parent company, Sony, to take a stand and drop R. Kelly from their record label. No company should be profiting from a man who physically, mentally, and sexually abuses black girls."

The label has not yet commented.

In other news, R. Kelly’s former manager, James Mason, has turned himself in to police after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest for "terroristic threats and acts" for intimidating the family of Kelly’s alleged victim Joycelyn Savage. According to The Blast, Mason allegedly told Timothy Savage — the father of Joycelyn Savage, "I'm gonna do harm to you and your family, when I see you I'm gonna get you, I'm going to f**king kill you." He reportedly surrendered in Henry County, Georgia on Wednesday (January 16th).