Nene Leakes On Porsha Williams: 'I Thought Her Word Was Her Bond'

NeNe Leakes has taken to her Bravo Blog to talk about her most recent falling out with Porsha Williams. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star said that after last week's episode aired, where it was revealed that she was the one that told Porsha that Kandi knew information about Porsha's fiance, she is done trusting her co-stars. She wrote, "Well, obviously I did! tell Porsha Listen, I consider Porsha to be like a little sister. I always try to give all these girls, Porsha included, great advice. I’m always an ear or shoulder to lean on anytime! I had not met Dennis at the time when Kandi was speaking about him at the lunch." She continued, "All the girls, Kandi included, felt that since I was the closest to Porsha, I should tell her the info Kandi knew. Me not wanting to get involved in others’ relationships, I told them I wouldn’t say a thing to Porsha about it. I didn’t want to say anything to Porsha. Once I had a chance to speak with Porsha privately, I told her! She also told me that I was speaking to her in confidence and that it wouldn’t go any further!" She added, "I thought her word was her bond. Later when I heard that my name was being thrown around as the one who let the cat out the bag, I went to Porsha and asked her why this was being said. She said no one had used my name, and if she was asked, she would not say my name. She had my back! Look, I’m loyal to those that are loyal to me! We made a pact, and I was riding with that, because I thought her word was her bond. Well, apparently not, because she sat right in her interview and said: 'NeNe told me,' which I didn’t know until I saw the show last night where Porsha revealed that I told her! What gets me is that none of these girls can be trusted, and that’s a damn shame!'"