New In This Moment Album Will Feature Four Guest Singers

In This Moment singer Maria Brink has told Loudwire in a new interview that the band's upcoming album, Mother, will feature no less than four guest vocalists. Brink would not reveal who the artists were, but did describe them as "jaw-dropping."

The band's last album, 2017's Ritual, featured a guest vocal performance from Judas Priest legend Rob Halford on the song "Black Wedding." Guitarist Chris Howorth told us a while back how the collaboration happened: "Maria was kind of like, she liked the chorus but she wasn't really happy with the way the verses were going, so she started having this idea of a mother and a priest. And you know, we're friends with Rob Halford, so we asked Rob and he said yes -- he's the greatest dude ever -- and you know, he came down to Vegas and did the vocals for it and it was unbelievable. I mean, when I hear his voice kick in on the song, it's unreal."

Mother is tentatively due out in August. Howorth said in a recent interview that it was the band's "heaviest record" in seven years, adding, "Now that it's all done and I'm hearing it as one thing, I'm, like, 'Damn! This is really heavy.'"

In This Moment has a number of shows scheduled through the rest of the year, including summer festival appearances in the U.S., dates with Disturbed in late summer and early fall, and a European tour with Halestorm in November.