New Muse Live Show May Feature Choreography

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has told the BBC in a new interview that the new live show the band will unveil on its 2019 world tour will be less reliant on technology like drones and giant video pyramids and could involve additional people and choreography onstage. Bellamy explained, "I think I am interested now in making the show involve a lot of additional people. It won’t be dance routines -- but choreographed theatrics of some kind. We’ve done a lot with technology -- the screens and drones and so on -- but I think it is time for us to do something that involves people and get a cast together that brings our songs to life with people performing." Asked by Forbes which band's live shows he aspires to, Bellamy replied, "It used to be Rage Against The Machine in terms of energy at certain points in our show. But also U2 in terms of their ability to make large spaces intimate and emotional for the people in the back." Bellamy told us a while back that even in its early days, Muse relied on its live show to build its audience: "It always seems that the band has become known through playing live, mainly, as opposed to record sales or anything like that. It seems like the live side of things was always the most, the kind of, that was the heart and soul of the band was what we do onstage. And it seemed wherever we toured, you know, we'd come back and it'd be a bigger venue in the same town kind of thing, you know." Muse will be on the road in support of its newly released eighth studio album, Simulation Theory, which features the new single "Pressure." The North American arena leg launches on February 22nd in Houston and wraps up on April 10th in Boston.